Clark Trailer Service Inc.
Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Model CCFB-WSA-09


LENGTH 40' - 53'
WIDTH 96" - 102"
FRAME CAPACITY 80,000lbs distributed frame rating.
KING PIN Double spook set @ 36" from front
LANDING GEAR 2-speed with 10"x10" sand shoes; heavy duty steel bracing in 2 directions for support and stability.  Operating handle on roadside of trailer.
SUSPENSION Air Ride widespread 122"
AXLES 5" OD x 5/8" wall, 25,000lbs capacity
BRAKES 16-1/2" x 7" with Wabco 2S/1M ABS brakes. Wabco ABS wired to center pin of seven way socket
WHEELS 22.5 x 8.25 Hub - Piloted steel disc wheels pre-painted white
TIRE 11R22.5 14ply Generals
FLOORING 6005A-T6 Aluminum flooring with three (3) Apitong Nailers.
ELECTRICAL USA sealed harness with 7 way plug. Truck-Lite lights. 2 front markers lights, 3 markers per side, 2 stop, turn & tail lights per side on rear, 3 markers lights at center on rear skirt and on4" mid-turn light each side of trailer.
MAIN FRAME 24" deep fabricated automatic machine welded I-Beam with positive camber.  7/16"x5" 130ksi top and bottom flanges with 3/16" belly web.  The main rail is punched to fit the contour of a 4: Jr. I-Beam one piece floor sill.
SIDE RAIL 6005A-T6 Aluminum 6" deep side rail with double pipe spools and aluminum pockets on 24" centers.
RUBRAIL 6005A-T6 3/8" x 3" Aluminum rubrail protects and reinforces the pocket.  Indentation in rubrail provides a protective slot for 2" conspicuity tape.
CROSSMEMBERS 4" high tensil steel Jr. I-beams on 16" centers. (12" optional)
PAINT Completely sand blasted, cleaned then primed with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of Urethane paint.
MUD FLAPS CLARK anti-spray, anti-sail mounted on rear of trailer
 FRONT SKIRTS Heavy duty 6" extruded aluminum
HUBS & DRUMS Webb Pilot mounted 10 Stub hubs with cast steel outboard mounted drums

Bulkheads, Aluminum (removable or permanent)
Winches, recessed or movable on aluminum track.
Floor sill spacking - 12" or 18" centers.
Tire Carrier.
Chain tie-downs recessed in floor
Suspensions: Air Ride slider, spring slider and spring spread.

Clark offers many other options to meet your specific hauling requirements.